One. Congrats to the Victory of the American Democracy! U.S election live updates: Biden declared the next 46-th president, celebrations ensue in city streets.

Published November 7, 2020 updated 35 minutes ago

“Globe and Mail”, U.S. Politics

Two.   A Tribute to Sean Connery-The “Best James Bond” who died peacefully in his sleep a week ago. (1930-2020).

Listen to the music from James Bond movies:

October 31, 2020 Celebrities            

Three.   Inflatable Floodgates in Venice named after Moses save the city for a second time.

October 29, 2020 www. World   

Four.   Man gets engaged to Woman who put a like of his ohoto of his chubby cat. He traveled 4,000 miles to meet her in person. This a modern way for dating.

November 6, 2020 Inspiring   

Five.    Global Program dramatically cuts chidhood Hepatitis B cases by 80% worldwide-with less than 1% to go.Due to a higly effective global vaccine program, the proportion of cildren under five who are chronically infected with Hepatitis B yas fallen under 1%.

November 6, 2020 Health         


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