Children Conquered “the World!”

It’s true. Children conquered the World! What a wonderful country is a Children-land! Where everybody believes in a wonder, beautiful friendships, truth and justice. To-day 5 hours in a row without intervals or breaks the six: Gleb, Liza, Jonathan, Christian, Frank and Curtis played the table game “RISK”, one can see them on the pictures.… Continue reading Children Conquered “the World!”

Our Way to Celebrate 125th Birthday of Banff

Back in 1885 the park’s ‘ town’ was a stopping place along the brand new Canadian Pacific Railway called siding 29.  As visitors began discovering  the newly established park, services moved closer to the main attraction at the time – the mineral springs. The name “BANFF” comes from Banffshire, Scotland, the birthplace of one of… Continue reading Our Way to Celebrate 125th Birthday of Banff

Stampede Badek News 2010

One. The sheep let their hair grow long, but that is generally the extent of their cooperation at the North American Sheap Shearing Challenge at Calgary Stampede on July 09-19, 2010. Successful shearers must therefore perfect the viselike leg clamp that keeps the animal in one place. At Agrium Ag-tivity in the City. Two. Blacksmith… Continue reading Stampede Badek News 2010

Yo-Yo Interview about Yo-Yo

Here is a video about Hiroyuki Suzuki, the winner of ” Yo-yo God Tournament of 2005″:   Hiroyuki Suzuki 1. Gleb, when did you start yo-yoing? 2. Since March of this year. 1. What is it? How did it happen? Where did you see yo-yo for the first time? 2. At school. The neighboring class mates,… Continue reading Yo-Yo Interview about Yo-Yo

Ah, Summer, Red Summer! I would have Loved You if Mosquitos and Flies did not Bite!

Summer in Calgary is very unusual : twenty times a day the weather is changing: a rainy morning, in an hour everything dried out, the sun showed up, the air is dry and clean, we are situated at 1500 meters above the sea level, the mountain ridge is on the horizon. It seems that they… Continue reading Ah, Summer, Red Summer! I would have Loved You if Mosquitos and Flies did not Bite!

Patience and Labor Make You a Favor

My workshop lately is full of young blood reps: competition in better painting of figurines and tanks, making different costumes for dolls. The night we had visited the ballet performance “The Snow White’, which was mentioned in our “Social Club” category before. The idea to design new costumes came up all of a sudden during… Continue reading Patience and Labor Make You a Favor

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One. Students in a Nia class fly like butterflies, bend like flowers, tickle the air and leave embarrassment at the door. It draws from nine well-established forms of mind-body exercise from the three categories of martial, dance and healing arts: tae kwon do, Tai Chi and aikodo; jazz, modern and Duncan dance (from Isadora); Feldenkrais,… Continue reading BADEK’S NEWS 32