Five Brothers (A Poem)

It is amazing How kids’re going crazy So fast to grow up! John and Klinton, Daxtyn and Graydon, And little Emerson, The cheeky blond angel- All the boys to follow up! The Five are very friendly, As if five fingers in the palm: “Try to hit one finger, One hurts the whole arm”. It is… Continue reading Five Brothers (A Poem)

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First. Congratulations to France! Twenty years after their first World Cup title, France win it once again, having become the World FIFA 2018 Champion with a 4-2 victory over Croatia, in Russia, to take home prize of $ 38 million. Second place: Croatia, prize-$ 28 million, third place-Belgium, prize -$ 24 million. Our congratulations to all… Continue reading BADEK NEWS 81