Global Fest in Calgary,AB on August 16-25, 2018

Always we watched the Fireworks Global Festival from not far home In North East of Calgary. This year we were presented with the entrance tickets to the Elliston Park by the Philippino girl, so we hurried up to see what is inside the cultural event: Pavilons of Africa, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brasil, Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park,… Continue reading Global Fest in Calgary,AB on August 16-25, 2018

Meet: Serghei Alixei

Serghei called me “mamochka” since the first time he saw me. Why? Because he lost his Mom five years ago. Something warm and motherlike was in my personality that reminded him about his own Mom. She suffered a lot from disease and he knew that. But as happened often in real life: too many businesses… Continue reading Meet: Serghei Alixei