Always we watched the Fireworks Global Festival from not far home In North East of Calgary. This year we were presented with the entrance tickets to the Elliston Park by the Philippino girl, so we hurried up to see what is inside the cultural event: Pavilons of Africa, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brasil,

Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Brasil, Caribbean, China, Francophone-Calgary Pavilion, India, Iran, Japan,Viva Mexico, Pakistan, Philippenes, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Urban Arts, Venezuela. Oneworld Bar, Ethnic Foods Booths, Beer Garden, TD Main Stage and Oneworld Stage, Night Market vendors, Children’s Village were presented here. The pictures show some of our insights as well as the photo of our grandson John who visited us last night , waved saying “Good bye” and rushing to the parents’ car to take him to see the grand finale of the fireworks Global Fest from the East Hill’s vantage point.

The Citizenship Ceremony was held for new Canadians in 2018 on the OneWorldStage. Among many important pieces of information, we got a brochure “The Little Black Book of Scams, published as 2-nd edition, by the Competition Bureau Canada. Table of contents: Fraud fighting 101, Subscription traps, Identity theft, CEO scams, Health and medical scams, Romance scams, Business scams, Phishing and smishing scams, Tax scams, Door-to-door scams, Emergency scams, Purcase of merchandise scams, Sale of merchandise scams, Red flags: things to watch for, Reporting a scam.

The Little Black Book of Scams is available online

Listen to the beautiful music: 


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