So, what kind of personality am I?
You see that people communicate with me, kept for life my letters and postcards addressing personally to them…
But first music, a legendary, prolific song writer and performer Leonard Cohen with his unforgettable song “Dance me to the end of love”:

Svetlana communicates with me in thoughts, spiritally. Nothing strange about that. As far as I remember myself, I always had empathy for
other people: whether it be a school-girl of a senior class at Bryansk school or just a neighbour, living next door.
My capability of listening to the people’s stories is incredible.
So, Sveta, speak and talk as I am always with you.
You, yourself, told me lately in “” that you lived and married to a military man in Bryansk, built up a family with him and
traveled all across the country,including the far-northern part of Russia – the New Earth, ending up in a small southern city on the Azov Sea- Mariupol.
Then horrible thing happened to you and your family, bombardment… Your neughbor saved you, helped to escape to Riga where you were also generously helpe, being without apartment, clothes, furniture, or money. To survive ? How?
You are right, you need time to grasp all around you,to calm down, emotionally, physically, come-to senses…
Go ahead, Sveta, be strong as you can be within your limits, good health and strength to your daughter Lera and granddaughter. I am always with you.
listen to the beautiful music:

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