A Muscovite by provenance, she lived for a long time in England, then came to Calgary, Canada, and now is staying here for long. Irina Kisseleva. Her hobby from early childhood is the arts, that’s why she is our guest at the Mucha salon. Literature, music, poetry were always in her sight. It was her who has lent a book by Amor Towles about Count Rostov, who was punished by Bolsheviks in 1922 for his free style poem “Where is it Now?” The review of this book is coming out later in category “Reading Club”.

However, the title of the book “A Gentleman in Moscow” gave the reflection of the lady visiting me once on the hot summer day. We talked about good Soviet days. Nowadays everyone talks here, in the North Americas, about how bad the Soviet regime was, Stalin’s killings et cetera.  Very rarely something positive. Thanks to Quora, new discussion magazine online, founded by the Russian guy Igor Sysoev, people bring up so many different opinions and questions foe dispute, that is surprising.

Suffice it to say that Cristian Ariel Rodrigez answered the question “What were good things done by the Soviet Union?” in such a way:

1)Transformed an illiterate country into a 99% of people who can read and write;

2)Turning into college graduates in sciences, arts, history. 56% of Russians have University Diplomas;

3)Invested heavily in applied sciences and transformed into 2-nd world scientific power.

This is the link:https://www.quora.com/What-were-the-good-things-done-by-the-Soviet-Union/answer/Cristian-Ariel-Rodriguez?share=f9612d37&srid=hFX9R

And he was not even Russian.

Irina and me talked about good and bad what was in former Soviet life. It was not a nostalgia as it was portrayed in Count Rostov, but it was sober appreciation of qualities of life that are valued in every human life wherever one could live on the earth.

“Life is so complicated”, Irina noticed. “No, on the contrarily, it is not. It’s we who like to complicate things, don’t we? and added “We, women, are responsible for peace, family life, children’s education and all the beautiful in the world.”

Listen, Irina, to the charming music, especially for you:


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