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  • I like to think of boredom as a moiunatn to climb. When my son comes to me with nothing to do, I say hmm . So interesting, nothing to do. And I imagine he is climbing a moiunatn. And he gets frustrated, because it is hard having nothing to do. And I let him be frustrated. I let him climb that moiunatn. Sometimes he gets REALLY frustrated. I still stay back, letting him go on up, no lecture from me on the richness of his life, no suggestions. Just hmm . And then a little while later, I notice silence, and he has found that set of encyclopedias I bought at the library book sale, or he is building yet another Lego space ship, or he and his baby sister are hiding in the tent, or looking at a photo album. And I know that he climbed the moiunatn of boredom and is coasting like surfer down the other side, completely absorbed in something totally self-created, self-directed. It’s in those moments that I’m truly in awe of my kids, seeing what they create, what they invent. They are so amazing and we can thank boredom for reminding us.

  • Dear Ivanpioola, first of all, thanks for your insightful comment. I completely agree that boredom sometimes leads to creativity. And it is so wise of you to create your own pedagogical atmosphere around you elder child allowing him to be self-created, self-directed. Using his own potentials of imagination without being coached or lectured by you. It is wonderful! Keep it up. Good luck.

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