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2 Thoughts on “(English) “Maniac! Holly fool! Strange…But Dostoevsky’s voice full of nervous strain and passionate excitement, rose above the whispering…So Let It be Strange! Let it even be “holly foolishness”. But let the great idea live on!…” (P.P.405-406) from the book “Dostoevsky, Reminiscences” by Anna Dostoevsky, Translation copyright@ 1975 by Beatrice Stillman, Liveright Publishing Corporation, New York, USA”

  • Valia,
    I am back to Calgary and having a big pleasure reading your web site.
    Thank you for keeping us updated on the last events and publications.


  • Hi, Tatyana, welcome back to Calgary. Perhaps, you have been travelling a lot in Russia, Europe or somewhere else? I am glad that you are reading my “Babulka”, thanks for its appreciation. Drop by one day to our Mucha saloon to exchange the latest news and a nice good cup of coffee or tea by your own preference. See you soon

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