8 Thoughts on “(English) Our Late Visit to the Calgary Heritage Park, an Active Town”

  • К большому сожалению у нас в городе не всё делается так, чтобы сохранить некую первозданнось архитектуры или чего либо.

  • Дорогой Павел! Ты знаешь больше, что делается с культурным наследием в России в настоящий момент. Ты живёшь там, являясь живым свидетелем времени. разные страны-Россия и Канада- разные подходы к национальному наследию. Приглашаем приехать в Канаду на пару неделек, чтобы самому убедиться во всём.
    С уважением,
    Валентина и Янко

  • What a delight is was to spend a short time with you on the train. You made me feel that I knew you for a long time yet we just met.
    You are a very special lady in ways that you express yourself. Thank you for including us in your pictures.

  • Dear friends, It is a quick response of yours. It is showing that how the world is small. You are in New Jersey and we are in Calgary, and we are together. Thanks again to the new technologies. We hope to meet you another time.
    Sincerely yours,
    valentina and Janko

  • Was looking at your pictures of Santorini. Oh ! how it made me laugh as I had almost had the same experience. The donkey stopped at the edge and I couldn’t look down. Holding my breath, Ken’s donkey trotted ahead and mine said, “Oh No” and started looking to catch up and win the four legged animal race. Oh My ! It made me think of a wonderful trip. It was many years ago.
    I have been in the house for many weeks with a bad knee. Not sure if I am looking at surgery for now we are resting it and it’s testing my patience.

  • Hi, Sheila! Thanks for your comment. We had a good time there. But Janko said that he hates donkeys because donkeys hate him. It’s a joke. What happened to your knee? Send us e-mail. Love your husband Ken.
    Yours, Valentina

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