4 Thoughts on “(English) Dear Mother of Mine”

  • Greetings. I am deeply touched by the reminiscences of both your father and mother. Hope to see you soon, R.L.

  • Dear Friend of Ours! When I am writing about such sacred things like of my parents or yours, it is not easy, believe me. Feelings and emotions are overwhelming me, sometimes I need to interrupt my story because tears are flowing on my cheeks. “Time to stop!” I used to say to myself. It is not easy in reality…

  • I am so blessed to still have my mother of 93 years. Every day I feel blessed and she says the same.
    I was moved by the verse, I am your daughter, that means I am your continuation of life.
    It moved me to tears……..

  • Sweetheart Sheila, Thank you for your wonderful comment. God bless your mother and you for being alive for many years to come. I wish you both great health, lots of joy in your lives. And keep on being connected to me, I would love to put a post about your relationship but I need details, Sheila.
    I love you both.
    Sincerely yours,

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