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Welcome to Krutaja Babulka!  “My Interview on You Tube” If you are looking for information about life experiences and perspectives in general, you’ve come to the right place. Day-by-day news about modern life and the past, original points of view on arts, technological progress, biological and environs- everything what catches curiosity of an inquisitive person. So what is Krutaja Babulka? It’s the coolest Blog dedicated to the bright memory of Anna Popravko, who did her beautiful journalist job before voluntarily and passed away and whom I never met when she was alive and who set for me a good example how to serve the community and how to love people. So myself am a Translator and Interpreter by profession that’s why this journal is translated in Russian. Both versions are to be available. Of course, we’re still working on new capabilities, so people will be able to know more about life in Calgary, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, all former Soviet republics and many other countries in the world. We hope our Krutaja Babulka helps you what you’re looking for. Please check back soon. What’s coming with Krutaja Babulka? Great ideas are often simple and clear in hind sights. But in reality they are developed with great effort, struggle and hard work, both in the mental and physical sense. You can find here services of:

  • English- Russian- Ukrainian Translation /Interpreting
  • Language lessons at home
  • Writing advice and Understanding the Literary forms
  • Selling my own books
  • Creating and Selling my crafts

Topics and Activities of General Interest to everybody:

  • Reading and Discussion Club
  • Trails of a Traveler
  • Creative Workshop
  • Social Friendship Get-together

These ideas are but a small sample of what I wish to accomplish. Your input and ideas are most certainly welcome and appreciated. Feel free to come up with the new ideas and thoughts. Do not be shy, we hope to see you and get together.


  1. The poem that is called Sinning Genie is both interesting and revealing.These words tell us a lot about the whole being that has been captivated by the Genie that is within her. The Sin or sinning is not evil or morally wrong but because it is within her and she found out that its part of her makeup and no matter how many times she tries to deny it and put it aside in her life,she always feels guilty because of what is within her .She is in this poem an everyday talented working woman,but as she has an attraction to both men and women,she is considered sinful and always guilty .This is mentioned in the closing line of the poem (body build ups of both sexes doing ballroom dancing put her in the mood for sexercise. Creating within her fantasies day and night . The Genie is not sinful and she has no reason to plead guilty of anything at all.

  2. Hi, Erudite, I appreciate your deep interest in poems, especially this one “Sinning Genie”. The introductory verse of mine did not have the intention to attract somebody’s attention to sexercise, this is a metaphor, as it is always to be in poet’s mind, very-very far from the real life. Nevertheless I am glad that you are interested in poetic thinking, creative fantasies. If you see those strophes this way, it’s good, let it be. Poetic sensitivity is a very interesting topic, and here in North Americas poets have different set of images and literary rows. But I understand and appreciate those like Olga Godim from Vancouver, British Columbia, whose thinking is very romantic and high in a good sense of word.There are new forms of poetic thinking nowadays which cannot be compared to the old ones. It does not mean that Shakespeare is out of date. No ways.”When to the sessions of sweet silent thoughts, I summon up..” etc. Do you hear the alliteration row of the sounds “s”? Beautifully sound the sonnet verses, don’t they? Thanks a lot for a wonderful comment and keep on reading my poems.
    Valentina, the Author

  3. A methopher can be found from fact and put in poetic words.Every legend is based on the occurrence of real events in a distant past .By neither agreeing or disagreeing states what could or is true

  4. Hi, Erudite! It’s you again. The title of the poem “Sinning Genie” originates from a fairy tale “Old Man Hottabych” (1937) by Lazar Lagin (the pen-name of Lazar Ginzburg), famous in the Soviet Russia because of the film with the same name released in 1956. Who doesn’t remember the story telling of a genie who was freed from captivity by a Soviet schoolboy Volka. The genie, as to be expected, has some trouble in adapting to modern life values and technological development. 12 year-old discovers an ancient vessel at the bottom of a river. When he opens it, a genie emerges. He calls himself Hassan Abdul-rahman ibn Khattab, but Volka renames him Khottabych. The grateful Khottabych is ready to fulfill any of Volka’s wishes, but it becomes clear that Volka should use the powers of genie carefully, for they can have some unforeseen undesirable results.My Sinning Genie is also unpredictable, so when it was released from my soul and came to public, it could have the different influence on people. My Genie helped me to reveal myself, my poetic vision of life, and what is more important, to recover from the loss of my late husband John Pattison. Creative force of Genie is that what it counts. All the words are around him whether they are metaphoric or very prosaic do not matter too much, in my opinion.
    Thanks for understanding.
    Yours sincerely,

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