Our Favourite Glebushka! Наш горячо любимый Глебушка! С днём рождения тебя!

Музыка для тебя, Глеб! Наш горячо любимый Глебушка! Ты нужнее воздуха и хлебушка, Золота и бриллиантов, Сколькоб ни было в […]

“Sinning Genie”, a Book of Poetry, a Poetic Chronicle of Sad, Joyful, Hopeful Expectations of a Certain Period of My Life Which Was a Transition from Mourning the Loss of Beloved John Pattison to the Realization That Was Within Me, a Creative, Outgoing, at Times Sponaneous Personality.

Do you have a Poetic License?                                                                       No, you say. You don’t. I have just a Driving License. How funny. But […]