Do you have a Poetic License?                                                                       poetry

No, you say. You don’t. I have just a Driving License.

How funny. But I do. And I will tell you why. As poetic license means deviation from fact, form, or rule by an artist or writer for the sake of the effect gained. See freedom.

In my “Sinning Genie” I tried to rediscover my true self. “Who am I? What am I sensitive to? What is my definition of Beauty?

Here in Canada my life is taking a different turn. Though still retaining some of the scruples of the Past, I have developed a new grasp of sensuality. Within me and a new found freedom a twinge of guilt remains sometimes but nevertheless Sinning Genie is out of a jar. Long live liberty and love!

This is one of my poems:                                                                    tree2

Where Are We Streaming To?

To make my day

It will take a singing sparrow,

A lovely little fellow,

Conduct the orchestra of my morning thoughts,

And visions rising over the furrow,

Along with Denis Tito, the first traveler in Universe,

And the reverie, and Denis in reality,

Floating among the stars and asteroids,

In friendship with Russian astronaut-humanoids,                         forest2

Where are we streaming to?

To nowhere?

To nothing?

To embrace

With our tiny brains

The global mess.

July 21, 2001.

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