First. Russia’s parliament on Friday declared Stalin responsible for ordering the Katyn massacre of Polish officers in Second World War, a crime Moscow spent decades blaming on the Nazis to the fury of Poland. The resolution came amid reports that President Dmitry Medvedev intended to launch a major new “deStalinization” drive that reminded Russians of…

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First. St. Petersburg, Russia. “A woman aged 45 called the police around 4 a.m. to say that her cat contained explosives”, a statement from St. Petersburg police said. “Officers went to the scene and spoke to the lady who was in a drunken state”. Police searched the premises and the surroundings to make sure there…

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We All Studied a Liitle Something and Somehow, So the Education for Us, Thank Goodness! is not a Big Surprise!” A.S. Pushkin

Russian and Canadian education systems are different in many ways. At Russian school the focus is on the universal and diverse programs. In Canadian system there exists the principle of a choice. As children while they are growing up cannot find their choices, parents do it for them. The parents-children relationship was always and will…

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