My Friends of Yesterday Lusya, Nellya, Lara, Galya, Rimma, Zoya, Emma, Valya! All My Life is Warmed by Thoughts of You as if by June Hot Summer Sun! (About the Annual Meeting of the International Badek Club on March 17, 2013)

Here he is, Andrey Mironov who sings for us: “My Friends of Yesterday” The favorite artist of our young days […]

What does the Hyphen Mean in the Name of the Slovak Country? (About the Book “Illustrated Slovak History”, A Struggle for Sovereignty in Cenrtal Europe) by Spiesz, Caplovic,ed. Bolchazy, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishing Inc., Wauconda Illinois, USA, English Edition, 2006.

Each and every historian has his/her own opinion, and Mr. Anton Spiesz is not and exclusion of this rule, his […]