“Do not be lazy to read books…” from “Encyclopedia of Wisdom”, Publ. House “Bukolika”, 2007, “POOCCA”, 2007

” Do not be lazy to read books as you can easily find that what other people have acquired from life hard experiences, and will know everything…” It is written on the back cover of the book “Encyclopedia of Wisdom”, “Bukolika” 2007, “POOCCA”, 2007 in Russian which is shown here on the photos to the right and…

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“Russia Loves Her Poets, but She loves Her Poet Sons More than Her Poet Daughters…” (“Sophia Parnok, The LIfe and Work of Russia’s Sappho”, by Diana Lewis Burgin, New York University Press, New York and London, 1994

In the minds and hearts of most Russians, including memoirists of either sex, male geniuses in interest and importance; male excellence, strength, and even mediocrity consistently are preferred to female excellence and strength. On December 6, 1895, the great writer Anton Chekhov, whose stories have gained him a reputation the world over for humane attitudes,…

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“His Majesty Begs Her Excellency the Countess Tolstoy to Enter”, said the Footman ( from “The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy”, translated by Cathy Porter, Harper Perennial, 1985, 2009)

“I followed him to the Tsar’s study and he bowed and left. The Tsar Alexander III came to the door to meet me and shook my hand, and I curtseyed slightly…” The front cover of the book is to the left and to the right is the back cover of the diaries of a remarkable…

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Folklore about Chinook Wind

Chinook arrived again to our area. Those terrible temperature hikes from plus to minus and vice versа, sometimes up to 20 degrees C an hour. Look at the photos to the left and to the right: one moment the car is covered with the snow, next moment the Chinook arch is hanging over the city. It is…

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One. Russia stops Canada. For the first time in a decade, Canada fails to get the gold medal game of the International Junior Hockey tournament. The Russians advance final with a tense 6-5 victory. Our Congratulations to the Winners! Two. Ovechkin leads Capitals past Flames. The Washington Capitals won straight fourth time and the Flames…

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A New Year – A New Beginning

People make sometimes unattainable resolutions. And when they cannot follow through for whatever reason: for example, health, time, responsibilities etc., they become frustrated and give up. Let’s be down to earth in these promises to ourselves. Don’t look just for a goal to achieve but finding the enjoyment in these activities. As for us, we…

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