poetry1. My verses in “Sinning Genie” are my prayers to God.Who is the Beauty, and Beauty will conquer the world, as was written by one of the greatest Russian writers Dostoevsky, the Mantle of the Prophet. Adoring his crazy creations I have composed my own World of Beauty which I am sharing with you, my dearest cherished reader.

This book consists of 46 poems written in English and 6 ones in Russian: “Sweetheart Victoria”, “I was asking the Poplar Tree..”, “Ballad about the Wind and a Human” The manner of composing verses differs from those English-spoken poets, the imaginary row is various. This book is in my Web-Store, for sale: 20 dollars CAD + shipping cost.


2.My book “A Firebird Cornucopia of Russian Delights” (in English) is a collection of recipes come from my Russian Grandmother to my Mother and then to me, one can say it’s definitely the collection of recipes of three generations. Indeed, in Russia, from ancient to the present time, food has always been more than a commodity; it is a way in which people celebrate the feast of life and the passing into death. Food is sacred in Orthodoxy, it is blessed before eating, nourishing both the physical and spiritual.
This book is also for sale 20 dollars CAD + shipping cost.

I wrote as well the life story “To the Horizon and Beyond”. Born to the horizonordinary working family of the Nickolay and Maria Filins, Valentina graduated from Orel University in 1962 with major: Linguistics. All her life she was interested in languages, history, arts. Valentina’s Russian ancestry is part of her cultural and spiritual self and that’s what contributes to the peculiarity of her essay “To the Horizon and Beyond”. Written from her heart, the feelings and sensations in the book reflect what it is to have a Slavic soul: spiritual and mysterious.granny

The book “Granny’s Tales for Little Glebochka ( in English and in Russian) Welcome to the country of your childhood where everything seems real, dreams always come true and adventures are surrounding you. We are all born from childhood, one loves or does not remember his or her early years it depends. But definitely years of our growing up will leave an imprint on our future lives.The children’s book “Granny’s Tales for Little Glebochka” I published as a Birthday present for my grandson, 1-st Grade student in St. Petersburg, Russia, wishing him best successes at school and in martial art sports.”

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