Welcome to the World of Folk Crafts which I adore so much. Among them are wooden dolls of matrjoshka type, traditional dolls dressed in various ethnic and regional national costumes, for example, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak and others. How would  I  come up with these ideas? Going through Internet researches and browsing in the different websites, listening to the music and getting the inspiration from the birds?singing every morning waking me up. Many of these costumes which I have made involve a lot of planning as well as sometimes quite a few hours of work. The designs of those original costumes especially the embroidery are intricate and full of imagination.roosters

Wooden  crafts are well known in all Slavic population,  namely, matrjoshkas, stacked dolls one in one,  spoons, forks, painted boxes for jewelry or household items often hand-painted on them scenes of Russian life, religious motifs and aristocratic images of palaces, city scenes and rural images. This brings a sense of nostalgia to those who imagine so called simpler times or evoke memories which are blurred by the distance of time.

The ornaments transfer the simple things into the beauty one of a kind, The main colors of this painting can be gold, blue or my favorite purple surrounded with deep brown, black or mixed together. All is fulfilled with brushes, no stencils. Each design is unique, never repeats the other one.

What is new now in my doing? It is work with pieces of art, theatrical themes as clowns, Harlequins, Circus of Soleil personages, Sunny Clown of all the Countries, now residing in Germany, Oleg Popov.

Batique is also  one of my beloved techniques used in work with crafts.

Hand made painting in fabric (batique) was well famous in ancient Schumer, Peru,Japan, Sheri-Lanka or some African countries. The native land of batique is considered island Java in Indonesia, there till now it is very popular the clothes made of fabrics painted by hand. Proper batique is a means of painting fabrics on the basis of use a special substance called reserve, paint resistant. After applying a design onto the fabric with the help of reserve, and the empty spots have been painted through, reserve is being removed, and on its place the design is remained.

The true batique is being made by hand and is emanating the warmth, it implies to water colors, pastel, drawing, stencil drawing. It is a very fine art because after applying the paint one cannot remove it or change it.

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  • Здравствуйте, Валентина!
    Посмотрела Ваш сайт, отлично сделан, очень красиво, информативно, здорово! И назание мне нравится, очень Вам подходит.
    Очень за Вас рада, уже послала подружкам посмотреть.
    Просто замечательно, что Вы его сделали, – и себя показать, и дать людям посмотреть.
    Света (Лина)
    P.S. Передавайте привет Янко.

  • Добрыый день, Валентина Николаевна! Вы умница! У вас столько сил и энергии.Удачи Вам и в этом начинании.Целуем. Огромный привет Янко.
    С уваженеием, Катя и Лиза.

  • Дорогая Катюша и Лизочка,
    Спасибо за добрые слова в мой адрес. Как вы поживаете? Слышала, что вы переезжаете скоро в новую квартиру. Желаем вам хорошего новоселья и успехов по жизни. Целую я и Янко

  • Спасибо Вам за вашу доброту и сердечность.
    С уважением Игорь.

  • Дорогой Игорь,
    Рада, что тебе понравился мой сайт. Желаю успехов тебе в твоей работе и по жизни.
    С уважением и любовью,

  • Dorogaya,Valentina.
    Kakya ge vu molodec!!!Gde y vas stolko sil i terpeniya beretsya?!O4en ponravilsya vaw sait,mnogo vsego interstnogo,a nazvanie voowe bomba!!!:).
    Gelau tvor4eskix yspex i procvetaniya.
    Bog vam v pomow…

  • Dear Artem,
    Thank you for your wonderful approval and encouragement in my doing site. I hope that everything is all right with you and your family.
    Love from Janko and Valentina

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