In grocery stores lately there are appearing lots of products for exchange meat and dairy products: beyond meat beef ground based on plant. vegetable oil butter, vegetable burgers et cetera.
I tried to make my ordinary meal – STUFFED PEPPERS, recipe was mentioned before: rice was used and ground natural meat. Everything was fine. But, this time I decided to experiment with non-beef ground beef. I thouroughly mixed all ingredients as they should be. And Disaster! When we tasted the peppers, they were not the same. Conclusion: natural and unnatural products do not want to be mixed. INCOMPATABILITY!
As in life, Nickolay Makarovich Oleinikov (1898-1937) noticed in his humouristic poem
“Once Vitamin,
happened to be in Tmin,
started to dance,
doing salto mortale,
and kiss himself.
“Cretin” thought Tmin.”
So, be careful about CHEMISTRY of Ingredients! Otherwise we are becoming CRETINOS IMPOSSIBLOS!

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