While I am composing my recepes, FIRST of ALL, I am thinking of the compatibility of ingredients, or the chemistry of them. Let’s take any kind of bread with the molasses.

Thousands of recipes in INTERNET but, mainly, for making bread by hands, i.e. mannualyy, but I need for bread maker, my devoted mechanic helper. This is why I am composing my breads myself, considering what kind of flour we prefer, what kind of sugar or honey, butter and so on.
1) rye bread flour – 2 cups, 2)regular bread flour-1 cup,3) milk SO NICE-1 cup, 4) melted butter-3 table spoons, 5) honey – 2 spoons, 6) molasses – 3 table spoons, 7) 1 big white egg, all mixed with the wooden spoon. This mixture goes first into the breadmaker pan, the dry ingredients and on the top- dry yeast – 2,5 teaspoonfuls. Press the menu button on Number 7- bread with molases. In 3 and a half hours it’s ready, you see at the picture above to the left.
Having knowledge about the chemistry of ingredients while cooking is of the same importance as in life building up the relationship with somebody. Oh, CHEMISTRY, CHEMISTRY! Where are you? So many people are looking for you and cannot find it, unfortunately. And those, who have found it, having tough grip on it. As in that wonderful song below:

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