Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Relatives and Friends! Happy Birthday, Larisa!

Lara in childhood
What a wonderful season now! The day of all lovers, and my daughter’s day, the Twelvth of February. I remember it as it was yesterday: cold in Russia, I am watching TV, and suddenly constructions started, I called to Victor at work, quickly he arrived, and we drove to the hospital. I remember how much fear he made with his casual journalist’s habit to open his note book and writing down all the names and last names of the nurses, doctors who were on duty that shift. My labours started very soon. And this tiny pinky little face showed up, so dear to me that I could not help crying to tears at the moment. Happy birthday, my little daughter! Many happy returns on that day! Enjoy beauty around you, as I do in my life. This is video card for you and a special music for this occasion.
Video card
I am Valentina, on today’s Valentine’s Day wish you all happenis in the world, health and success as much as you can imagine, let all your negativity goes away, and stay with you just good mood and positive thoughts.
This is music for you, guys.

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