“My Culinary Creations” (Cheap and Nice), 2022, by Valentina Filina-Pattison, Chapter 8, Art of Cutting and Presentation

CHAPTER 8. Art of Cutting and Presentation
Every day upon the inspiring on Listening to the unique, incomparable story teller Edward Radzinsky on you tube, with his narrative of, for example, lush female breasts and brilliant, highly educated young men, who had influenced on Russian history.

I decided to continue my book about culinary creations. Today is on the agenda : Art of Cutting Products and Their Presentatiob.
There is a new Hand Masher Device CUSINAR.
Our new Hand Potato Masher
And a collage with thorough and beautiful cutting of bread and enjoying to eat it with a little butter
and garlic on Janko the presenter
the top. In addition to it there is my favourite: headcheese,(cold appetizer). Recipe: 2 long pork legs,
chicken breasts (2 pcs) plus corn starch (2 table spoonfuls), boil with onion and spices by your taste for 3-4 hours, remove all bones and skin, then refrigerate overnight.
Enjoy delicatessen, please!

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