Today is the Holiday at the Girls’ MEETING…

Today will be Dancing Party,
And the girls’ cheeks are burning,
From the morning burn of blushing…”

On the 11-th of March, Emma Mahova and Rimma Mitichkina, and on the 17-th of March, myself, are celebrating our Birthdays. This is why are the words from our beloved song which was performed by Gelena Velikanova.
I’ve sent two video cards with congrats to Rimma:

To Emma:
as it is habitual at our digital age.
Besides, Janko’s younger son Curtis brought a live chinese rose and cooked home-made cookies еspecially for our birthdays. Good for him! And for us! We appreciate it. My daughter and Grandson have sent to me two birthday’s cards. Oh wonder! They’ve arrived right on time. I am deeply thankful to Larisa and Gleb for them. Everything you will see on my collage below.
One more important moment in our lives: we started an active sports exercising programme at home-byking on the home armchair. Useful and beautiful! We are doing it in Calgary, my friends – in Bryansk.

To finish my post, I’ll put the songs from our youth where you can find the favourite music, and, perhaps, dance.
Enjoy life, my friends!

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