“I am Dumb before Miracle of a Woman”, Valery Andreyevich Kornya, a book of verses, 2000, Klintsy city , 1000 copies, Order 1723

For the first time I reas the book “And Lines Keep on Living” by Novitzky A. Ya., Sorochkin V.E., Bryansk, “Doubleline”, 2016. Among 120 authors represented here, it is written on pages 114-116 about Valery Andreevich Kornya with motto “Your Majesty WOMAN”.
He published his only book of verses two years before his death. “I am Dumb before Miracle of a Woman” by Kornya V.A.,
is a unique book consisting of more than 100 poems, composed with warmth of the heart and deep feelings of love and admiration of a Woman.
There is my collage dedicated to the events of my recent days and three pages from the book “And Lines Keep on Living”.
One of the verses I tried to translate from Russian into English:
“Your anger is like young wine,
Intoxicates and excites the soul,
But your punishment more climb,
Hurting me for what?
I don’t know.
‘Cause I only hear you,
All days and nights,
For what I am now rich:
Your walk, voice, look,
and a vague, shy smile
on your lips.”
No dedication, no names, all – incognito.
I, myself, never knew how lyrical this person was. Kornya V.A. (1943-2003) was my old aquantance since him, his wife Evgeniya Chalian, and their Fellow-Student from Leningrad University Viktor (Vikenty) Illarionovich Kostin (1940-2001) arrived to Bryansk for work. I was Viktor’s wife at that time, and our young families met often.
Our daughters, Larisa and Nastya were good freinds at some time. Not simple times were then in Russia. Valery worked as a adminastrative worker, 20 years even as a Chairman of GTRK of c. Bryansk. Zhenya, his wife, and Viktor Kostin worked as journalists, covering very many sharp topics of the day. They were talented journalists. Now this book by Valery Kornya all of a sudden opened up his personality from his inner other side. Through poetry. Here is how described Novitzky the funeral of V.A. Kornya:
“There was no orhestra. There played only the lonely flutist. It seemed that the music slowly penetrating to the souls of each and everyone who came to say “Good bye, Valery!”.

His Buddy Viktor Kostin (1940-2001) was not at his funaral, as he himself passed away two years earlier.
Let flute is sounding for them as they were honest, decent people.

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