“My Culinary Creations”(Cheap and Nice), by Valentina-Pattison, Chapter 9 Kompot and Kisel, 2022.

Chapter 9. KOMPOT and KISEL

Kisels and Kompots are followed by the buttrebrots,
Decorating every day, Drink who and when is not lazy.
Kompot is a drink made of fruits, berries or dried
fruits: plums, apples, pears).
Recipe: 2 cups of berries or fruits plus 1 liter of water,
splenda (sugar) by taste.
Boil it, and leave it to cool down.
Enjoy warm or cold.
Kisel is the same drink just with 2 spoonfuls of
corn starch or any starch you’re having in household.
There is an interesting children’s game character by name Kompot.
Sing along with Zoe and answer her riddles.
Above I put my own photos of Kompot and Kisel,
and sandwich.
Sandwich is called butterbrot.
Recipe of my Butterbrot: a piece of
homemade white bread, covered with
white onion cut in rings (1),
a thin slice of ham. Bon appetit!
At the end, I would like you to spend some time with gypsy songs:

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