“Chekhov was Srikingly Handsome, Lightly Bearded, with Hair Swept back off his High Forehead, and Immaculately Dressed…” (Book “Brief lives: Anton Chekhov” by Patrick Miles, Hesperus Press Limited, 2008, Jordan)

Anton Chekhov (1860-1904) was the third of seven children in the family, lived very hard life in Taganrog. (Photo of […]

Where Are You, My Childhood Friend Shmoulik the Orphan? Respond. No Response. (from the book “My Father, Sholom Aleichem” by Marie Waife-Goldberg, Sholom Aleichem Family Publications, 1999, NY, USA.)

Listen to the music:Chorale la Cle des Chants- Shalom Aleichem Page 46 from this book reads:”Writing about his childhood playmate […]