“Delicious Autumn! My Very Soul is Wedded to it and if I were a Bird I would fly about the Earth Seeking the Successive Autumns.” (George Eliot)

Autumn in Calgary is delicious. Janko went out to the Pinecliff Park just opposite our street and started the conversation with the foreman of the Volker Steven working at the moment. Janko (1): The weather is fine today, isn’t it? Foreman (2): Yes, indeed. It helps us to make it easier to conduct the maintenance…

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First. Peter Lougheed, the most successful Alberta politician of the past half-century, died on Thursday night in the Calgary hospital named after him. He was 84. “We have lost a great man, and a great Canadian and a great Albertan. And we just want a chance now for Albertans and Canadians to pay tribute to…

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“Lord of Alaska (The Story of Baranov and the Russian Adventure)” by Hector Chevigny, Binfords & Mort, Publishers, Portland, Oregon, 1951

Reading the book “Lord of Alaska” by Hector Chevigny about Alexander Andreyevich Baranov, the first Governor of the Russian America (1799-1818), it became interesting what  this name did come from. “Russian America” was the name of Russian colonial possessions in the Americas from 1733 to 1867 that today is the US state of Alaska and…

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