“Gee’d up, Gleb!”

“Gee’d up, Gleb! Sun is out!”, with such words Robin, our neighbor’s daughter, addressed Gleb, inviting him and Liza for a bike ride in our Park. Vacation time is flying so quickly unlike school time. Teenagers’ social calendar is pretty busy: making new friends, meeting with the old ones, participating in birthday parties and simply…

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“Oh Muse of Mourning, the Most Beautiful of Muses, Oh, Thee, Crazy Nightmare of White Nights!” (Marina Tsvetaeva, June 19, 1916, dedicated to Anna Akhmatova)

We are having as a guest to-day a young poetess Karina Verigina,13, from Saint Petersburg, Russia.Her long term childhood friend Liza Khodarinova is interviewing her. To the left is the photo of Karina. Liza: Say me, please, my friend, where is your fondness for poetry from? Karina: My Grandma Valentina Ivanovna, who herself loves to…

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