“Gee’d up, Gleb!”

“Gee’d up, Gleb! Sun is out!”, with such words Robin, our neighbor’s daughter, addressed Gleb, inviting him and Liza for a bike ride in our Park. Vacation time is flying so quickly unlike school time.

Teenagers’ social calendar is pretty busy: making new friends, meeting with the old ones, participating in birthday parties and simply parties at the swimming pool, meanwhile visiting the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Chinook Mall in Calgary and many other events.

As in the old saying: “Better once to see than one hundred times to describe”.

Down below are three shows dedicated to the children’s pass time of the recent days.

First one: “Gee’d up, Gleb!”

Taking a camera with us everywhere we go it was prepared the second show: “New View”.

The third one is “Gleb’s Masterpieces” when he as a photographer used to grab a camera and captured a moment of beauty just the same as his Granny. It is the truth : like Grandmother like Grandson.

So, the photo slide show: “Gleb’s Masterpieces”

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