“Between us it happened all:

And happiness, and sadness,

And long talks at evening fall…”

Happy Birthday, my only beloved Mom,

To-day’s talk I am engaged in from far away from you, from Canada, Happy Birthday to you, Mommy!

First of all, I wish you happiness, love and all the best!

Secondly, I would like to say how much you mean for me. Mommy, you always were, are and will be my guiding star for me in my life…

I know that your life was never easy for you, you had to come through lots of sufferings and troubles because of me… Forgive me, if I sometimes was a reason of them and I was hurting you…

I congratulate you on your Birthday wishing you beauty, charm, health and family well-being. I wish everything to be good in our family…

Hugging, kissing you,

Yours Liza!                     Listen to your favorite song: Comme toi

And here are your favorite verses:

“Between us it happened all:                                                                                                                                      Kathy

And happiness, and sadness,

Long talks at evening fall,

The main thing of no gladness:

We’ve been separated by life,

By hazy days’ river, stream throng,

A sensation was still in glide:

Not for ever, not for very long…

You’ve disappeared – light,

Went out inside my soul,

I am the only one, is right,

A separation was not your goal.”

Veroniica Tushnova, 1969 (Translated from Russian by Valentina F. Pattison, June 2010)

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