By One Journey, Around the World

Our this summer 2014 itinerary: St. Petersburg, Russia-Calgary (Canada), from Calgary-Dublin Irish Airlinges-Lanzarote (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Doha (Quatar Airlines), Tokyo (Japan)-Dubai Emirates Airlines)-St. Petersburg, Tokyo-Paris (France Airlines)-Vienna (Austria)-Amsterdam by KLM-Calgary (Canada). Summarizing our trip routes, one needs to mention that it was covered thousands of kilometers by distance, at different altitudes: from Northern Pole, Greenland,…

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Only in Paris This can Happen

Among huge bustling crowd of passengers heading in different destinations throughout the world, who happened to be at Paris Charle de Gaulle Airport, is sounding live beautiful music…and by passing the people. We are like everybody else, and everybody else is like us, tightened in a series of transfers. Long, moving transporters are helping to…

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Gabriel Hujsa, 87 y.o., a Slovakian Military Musician, and Jan Holly, Janko’s Cousin, Made Our Day on the 29th of August, 2014 during Our Recent Trip to Male Levare.

Janko Holly, who is from Canada, used to read the book “Levarky” every night while at his security job. On page 284 there is a fascinationg photo of Josef Hujsa, 103 y.o., accompanied by his granddaughter Marishka, standing in front of Male Levare Church, dressed in the old peasant kozukh. For the third time visiting…

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