Lanzarote 2014Our this summer 2014 itinerary: St. Petersburg, Russia-Calgary (Canada), from Calgary-Dublin Irish Airlinges-Lanzarote (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Doha (Quatar Airlines), Tokyo (Japan)-Lanzarote 1Dubai Emirates Airlines)-St. Petersburg, Tokyo-Paris (France Airlines)-Vienna (Austria)-Amsterdam by KLM-Calgary (Canada).

Summarizing our trip routes, one needs to mention that it was covered thousands of kilometers by distance, at different altitudes: from Northern Pole, Greenland, flying by deserts of Saudi Aravia, through Mongolia, China to Tokyo. From Tokyo through Russia, then northern Russia, Baltic Sea countries to Paris and then to Vienna and direct to Slovakia.

Back home from Tokyo Larisa and Gleb flew by Emirates Airlines via Dubai to St. Petersburg (Russia). We returned to to Calgary (Canada) by Royal Dutch Airlines via Amsterdam.

First week of August we stayed at Lanzarote Resort Hotel, Spain. That was a lovely beach resort on one of the chain of Canary Islands where by and large spent their vacations the British people. They were nice and friendly. I noticed but one thing about them: after mentioning to the honest our itinerary, they stopped to associate with us.

“What’s the matter?” I could not help wondering in this regards. After some while I understood.

The reason was perhaps: they had this resort as a favorite place for one-two weeks at most, afterwards they all came home to the British Isles, resting the remaining holidays time with the Doha Airrpor (under Golam)trelatives or friends somewhere in their native cities or countrysides.

Bu we, crazy travelers from Canada and Russia, like UFOs descended onto this breezy desert-like tiny Tenerifean Island Lanzarote, planned to journey so far away. Here, nobody never saw any Canadian or Doha (Quatar Airlines) 2014Russian face before, the waiters said at the local pool-site cafe at the resort.

Flying by Quatar Airlines, we, four, stayed in Madrid hotel overnight, continuing our way to Doha Airport.

We thought that Doha will be very dangerous, as reading in the newspapers we were scared to meet unpleasant people. But to our surprise, they proved to be quite friendly in a business-like way in the airport. Kids had in Doha Airport their own domain to be entertained and have fun. Big statue of Golan, the main character of “Harry Porter” movie, stood in the middle of the waiting hall, the slides and some other activities to be entered. No dullness was in this place.

Doha Quatar 2014Arriving at Tokyo, we stayed at the Prince Tower Hotel for 5 nights in waiting for our cruise ship “Diamond Princess” (August 13-22, 2014).

Late night on the 22-nd of August four of us said “Bye-bye” to each other, and one couple flew back to Russia, and the other one, Janko and me, kept traveling to Vienna, then to Slovakia staying in Janko’s cousin’s house for a week, returned home to Calgary the last day of August.

So, by one awesome journey we made a trip around the world.

Listen to: Sviatoslav Richter-Schubert: Wanderer Fantasy for Piano

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