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Vladimir Zhivov, M.A., LL.B ZHIVOV LAW

Suite 240, 550-71 Ave.,SE Calgary from 10 a. m.-5 p.m.T: (403) 770-4939 F: (877) 977-7373 e-mail: vladimir@zhivovlaw.ca


cell. phone: 403-852-1040

Clive O. Liewellyn, MA, LL.B, tel.: (403) 457-1550 e-mail: cllewellyn@llewellynllp.com

Ross Barsuk, sales director, MEEST postal services, tel.: (403)-457-4774 info@royalmedicalsupplies.ca

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Alex Iron, Real Estate,Insurance and other services, tel. 403-571-5400,

tel. 403-667-1845


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