“Thou art fairer than all, Lady Queen,

But more beautiful still is Snow White, as I ween ” ( I believe)

Watch video “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (in Russian) :Snow White

Alberta BalletThe brothers Grimm’s fairy tale about Snow White and 7 Dwarfs came alive at  the School of Alberta Ballet on Saturday June 12, 2010 on the stage of the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium.Snow White

To the left is a photo of the presentation of the Alberta Ballet Theatre. To the right  scenes from the latest show of “Snow White” performed by students of the School of Alberta Bballet, among them is our friend Margaret Smith with whom we are conversing after the performance:

1: Marg, is it the 19th annual year end performance to-night?

2. Yes, it is.

1. That means the ballet children’s school exists already about 20 years, doesn’t it? Snow White1

2. Sure. Recent graduates such as Mahomi Endoh soon starts to dance with “Les Grands Ballet’s  Canadians”, Tanya Chumak – “New York Theatre Ballet”, Tyler Day – “Atlantic Ballet Theatre”.

1. Fantastic. How about you, Marg ? Are you pursuing the ballet dancing carrier?

2. Yes. But I’m 15 and have  many years of study ahead of me.

1. By the way, who is this performer dancing male role in acts 1,3?

2. Tomohiro Minagawa.

1. To my opinion, he was great. How old is he?

2.18 or 19.

1.Bravo to you, Marg, Tomohiro and all the other participants of the magnificent performance you’ve done as well as your teachers, music directors and stage staff, your wonderful parents, sponsors and volunteers who helped the Grimm’s fairy tale again to come true.

Watch a short slide show “After Performance”:  

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