A New Year – A New Beginning

Happy 2012 New Year! (Val and the girl)People make sometimes unattainable resolutions. And when they cannot follow through for whatever reason: for example, health, time, responsibilities etc., they become frustrated and give up.

Let’s be down to earth in these promises to ourselves.

Don’t look just for a goal to achieve but finding the enjoyment in these activities.

As for us, we make this New Year resolution – go to the gym when we can. Use our Leisure Centre passes. Because it is enjoyable to be in the pool or at the exercise room, soc ializing with people or just be around them.

On the photo above is the girl and me at the Olympic Plaza on the eve of 2012 Year. Below is the photo expose of that lovely unforgettable night of the 31st of December turn to the 1st of January.

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Listen: Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Winter)

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