three old ladiesEvery time when a person goes on pension, one thinks about what to do next. It’s good when one had a hobby during his or her whole life, but if not, what to do ?

In any case, one needs to listen to oneself, to his/her inner voice.

What does it prompt to you?

The vivid example is creativity of Annie Wahl, an artist-puppeteer from Middle West of the USA. her old ladies and old gentlemen. as I call them “anniewahl-echki”, are amazing, dolls with real faces and traits of characters, sometimes ugly and at the same time very beautiful.

Pictures of some them are here, you can judge to yourselves.long live the old age!

“Ugly is beautiful” was one of the esthetic credo of the great Russian critic Vissarion Grigoriyevich Belinsky, which I never understood before and now I grasped it all of a sudden on the example of these old folks’ dolls which are made with love and wisdom.

I tried to do a little research on the topic of dolls and the author. Not really much about the artist, but a lot about sales etcetera.

It seems that many nations and people are preoccupied with the preparation of the dolls, and in Guatemala, for instance, tiny dolls are made by hand from different stuff and the people use them for children who have worries. The dolls are called “worry dolls” and put under the pillow of a child saying: “Worry, go away from little Johnny”.

And little Johnny sleeps now well, no worries at all. He is happy so his parents are.

It’s very interesting to watch the roots of inspiration of folk activities as if you are standing at the deep well looking inside down to the bottom of it, and as by magic wand the bottom of the well is becoming to open wider and wider , by one quarter, half and then completely-the bottom is transformed into big screen tv with demonstration of new movies and shows according to your own imagination and the mood.


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