Eternal memory!

In our lives as in the seasons there are many changes and events which come to us sometimes expectantly, sometimes unexpectedly. There are times of joy, hope, frustrations and sadness. As with the seasons that surround us over which we do not have control there are moments in our lives that we too have no…

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Welcome to the World of Folk Crafts which I adore so much. Among them are wooden dolls of matrjoshka type, traditional dolls dressed in various ethnic and regional national costumes, for example, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak and others. How would  I  come up with these ideas? Going through Internet researches and browsing in the different…

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1. My verses in “Sinning Genie” are my prayers to God.Who is the Beauty, and Beauty will conquer the world, as was written by one of the greatest Russian writers Dostoevsky, the Mantle of the Prophet. Adoring his crazy creations I have composed my own World of Beauty which I am sharing with you, my…

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Social and Friendly Get-together

I consider it is a special gift people are having to socialize and interact with each other easily and friendly. Janko is one of them, a very sociable person. Hyper by temperament he realizes his skills in meeting get-togethers in churches, social gatherings, home meetings or wherever he goes. He likes people and people like…

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Trails of a Traveler

  Many of us like traveling, enjoying the wonders of the world. As the English people say about travelers who “have the itchy feet”. What is around the corner, why do I want to go there, is it curiosity or what? A sense of exploration, adventure, understanding of the unknown. We cannot compete with the…

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