Miami-to-Cuba race, 2015image004One. Prague-The Canadian Press Published, Sunday, May 17, 2015. Canada wins gold at World Ice Hockey Championship. Team Canada was perfect in Prague, capping an outstanding run at the world hockey championship with a dominant win over its arch-rival. The Russian team took silver. The USA one took bronze. Our congratulations to all honorable athletes!

Two. Global Good News-18 May 2015. Sailboat race is the latest sign of better US-Cuba relations. 18 May, 2015 – US sailors raced from Key West across the Florida Straits to Cuba in a regatta propelled by strong winds and an easing of tensions between the two countries. An amateur race billed as the”Havana Challenge” took place for the first time with US government authorization thanks to the historic easing of tensions that began in December. They planned to race Cuban sailors on Tuesday.

Three. Ordinary people help migrants as Asia struggles with crisis. 18 May 2015 – For hundreds of migrants stranded at sea in sinking boats, the first helping hand came not from governments but from fishermen who towed them to safety.The desperation of migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh has inspired compassion from ordinary people across Southeast Asia. Sympathetic Malaysians have launched donation drives to help feed migrants who have flooded ashore in the past two weeks. In Indonesia, where fishermen rescued three boats last week and saved 900 lives, villagers have donated clothing and home-cooked meals…

Four.Solar-powered ATMs to deliver clean drinking water in Pakistan. 16 May 2015 -Punjab province is set to launch an innovation for water-shot Pakistan: Solar-powered ATMs that dispense clean water when a smart card is scanned. The two-foot-square prototype machine looks and functions like an ATM, but dispenses water instead of cash. Users are issued a card they can use to claim a daily share of water.

Five. UK earnings growth picks up, jobless rate lowest since mid-2008. 13 May, 2015 – The pay of British workers picked up slightly more than expected in the first quarter, official data showed on Wednesday, while the unemployment rate fell to its lowest since mid-2008. Excluding bonuses, pay rose bу 2.2 per cent.

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