One. In Israel there was found a way how to treat liver cancer by frozen: 196 degrees below zero. Doctor Eugeny Solomonov, ZIIV, Tsfat, Israel, inserted liquid nitrogen into cancer cells (metastases of liver) for the first time in the world. Before it was treated breast and kidney cancer the same way. Company Ice Cure Medical is developing and preparing  the devices for treatment tumours. benevolent and malignant. The device of creotherapy got a Certificate of FDA Federation Management of the USA responsible for control in medicines and allowed to be used in Israel.

Source: AXH Agency of Good April 7, 2018.

Two. English writer and translator Mary Hobson, 91 y.o., decided to learn Russian, when she was 56. After that, graduated from the University at age of after 60, and Doctor degree at the age of 74. Now, when she speaks Russian fluently, she started to do translations of Russian classics: “Eugene Onegin” by A. S. Pushkin, “Woe to Mind” by A. Griboedov. She even was specially awarded for these translations.

Source: the same, March 25, 2018.

Three. SISU is one more discovery from Scandinavian life style. Residents of Finnland, which OUN declared the happiest country on the Earth, say that SISU philosophy helps them in life followed by the huzze (Danish comfort feeling) and lago (Swedish harmony philosophy. As experts say, 30-seconds immersing into the cold water is equivalent to 15-20 times up-down the stepping machine, it helps to improve work of the immune system, blood circulation and burning the calories quicker. SAUNA is very important, either.  

Source: the same, March 24, 2018.

Four. Age Related Macular Degeneration is being treated. In hospital Moorfields Eye, London, England. The operation lasted 45 minutes under local anaesthesia, when one embryo stem cell was taken out, and then was grown up to 6-mm patch of one hundred thousand pigment cells of retina. Professor Lindon da Cruise states that a new therapeutic approach is safe secures the good visual results.

Source: the same , March 25, 2018.

Five. The good news is from us. Children to watch how are they performing, is always gives a positive and happy mood. So, enjoy 11-year old from Orenburg with the German name Rutger Gareht, father is German Ivan Gareht, mother Larisa Gareht and two his older sisters also very talented violinists.

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