First. Congratulations to France! Twenty years after their first World Cup title, France win it once again, having become the World FIFA 2018 Champion with a 4-2 victory over Croatia, in Russia, to take home prize of $ 38 million. Second place: Croatia, prize-$ 28 million, third place-Belgium, prize -$ 24 million.

Our congratulations to all the participants of the Championship and warm greetings to the host country of Russia with wonderful organising events of FIFA 2018!

This is music to listen:

Second. Stampede in Calgary, Canada (July 6-July 15, 2018). Country 105 is Calgary’s home of country music which broadcasted the whole stampede time. Lots of entertainment, shows, food for adults and children. Hereis the Heinz ketchup bottle with the label of Gary, Lisa and John Holly on it. From Stampede 2018.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived at Calgary Stampede to announce the delivery of Federal funding to finish the South section of the ring road of Calgary.

Third. The fourth time in the USA, Ohio, the Hunter and Lords company selects every year 8 veterans to receive the free suits of cost of 10,000 dollars each. Initiative is called “Suits for the Soldiers”. Good initiative, indeed.

Fourth. London Mayor Sadiq Khan this week announced the creation of a 500 million British pounds Mayor’s Energy Efficiency Fund which will focus on helping public sector organisations and small businesses to cut carbon emissions.

Fifth. Grace Gerry and her husband bought their first house in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 13 years ago. Born in the coastal village of Ireland, they used to be close to the community. But here, in Canada, they knew nobody, nobody knew them.

To break the ice of non-acquaited, they organised soup meetings inviting from the start a few neighbours in the Fernwood community, now they know more than 100 people.Good reason to come to visit your neighbour and chit-chat a little bit over yam and pineapple cup of soup.

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