One.  There are Hospices in Canada for adults. Next month the new kid’s Hospice in Rotary-Flames House, just Merr-go-roundadjacent to the Alberta  Children’s  Hospital will be open. Funding for the $ 12-million, 20,000 sq.-ft. hospice – the first in Alberta – was spearheaded by Calgary’s Rotary Club and Calgary Flames Foundation for life ($2,5 million). The kid’s hospice will ease the burden for dying children and their parents.

Two. The town of Korolyov, near Moscow. Russian-Canadian circus billionaire Guy Laliberte, a founder of the Montreal- based Cirque de Soleil, dubbed the first clown in space, arrived at the International  Space Station in a Russian space craft for a 10-day stay that cost more than $ 35 million.

Three. In Italy, near the Sicilian city of Messina after severe rainstorms roads were washed away and homes were destroyed, at least 18 people were killed. Messina Mayor Giuseppe Buzzanca said that his town had been cut off by rain and mud, which had blocked roads and covered railway lines.

Four. Rio de Janeiro takes the gold in Olympic bid, Rio de Janeiro will host the 2016 Olympic Summer Games.

Five. The release of the first 36 black-footed ferrets after vanishing from Canada 75 years ago- something that’ll be monitored with some apprehension, said the conservationist.

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