One. Pushkar, India. At the Pushkar Camel Fair, one of India’s most spectacular festivals which this year takes place  from October 25th to November 2nd.,аbout 50,000 camels and cattle are bought and sold as usual during the first few days. But for visitors the real attraction is the cultural performances and sideshows in a carnival-like atmosphere.Secretlove

Two.Moscow, Russia. Chubais now heads Rusnano, a state corporation blessed with $ 6 billion of budget funds and charged with achieving $ 30 billion worth of production with the use of nanotechnologies by 2015. He says the sector is a place to invest after the crisis, Reuters said.

Three. Toronto, Canada. Ottawa allows addicts to shoot illegal drugs in government facilities, but won’t let prostitutes work indoors even though selling sex is legal, a court heard today.

Four. New York, the USA. In 2003 the Manhattan-based Matchmaking Institute opened its doors, offering at home instructions for Cupid hopefuls. It’s the first matchmaking certification course in the U.S.

Five. According to Matchmaking Institute’s website ( which aims to set industry standards in the field) the organization has certified more than 120 matchmakers from Australia, Canada, China, France, Indonesia, Singapore, United Kingdom and the U.S. (Calgary Sun).

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