Letter to a Man(Ticket &Signature)“Letter to a Man” (Nijinsky’s Diaries) is a theatrical work performed by a great dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov, staged by Robert Wilson.

Nijinsky’s mental health had broken down in Switzerland at the close of the First World War. His diaries are an extraordinary document of his struggle not to go mad and to understand what was happening to him. When he stopped writing his Diary, he locked himself away, as in a tomb. There he remained for more than two decades, watched over by his wife. But as another catastrophe in Europe draws to its close, the great artist seems to be coming to life again. We visit him, behind his silence. For Nijinsky, time has stood still. He is alone with his ghosts, especially that of Diagilev, the impressario who first put him on stage before the ballet world.

Nijinsky-Baryshnikov,2016Everything is important at the stage: set design, lighting, movements and voice…

Baryshnikov is 68.

Change performing arts is very natural for him.

After the show we asked to give us his autograph. So, he did. This is among the other photos.

Thanks a lot, MAESTRO!

Baryshnikov in Madrid, 2016

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