Be Your Own Travel Agent or How to Plan Your Vacation

Traveling peopleSix years ago we bought Time Share in Fairmount, planning to use it for our getaway once a year to the Rocky Mountains, British Columbia. One day we decided to travel by cruise liner “Holland America Line”, to make it more affordable we exchanged one week time share for 1 stateroom for 4 people on Mediterranean cruise. All costs included about 5000 dollars. Plus air tickets-3000 dollars each. This venture turned out more than 10,000 dollars.

Time passed on. I realized that there are other ways for cheaper travelling.

First of all, we registered all our air tickets by Canadian program to accumulate the points enough to fly free at any destination whether it would be Venice (Italy) or Hawaii (America).

Second of all, we learned how to book online cruises and get good deals : For example, this time Mediterranean cruise cost us 1470 dollars per cabin for 2 people. There are even better deals if you wait a little bit longer. It is much more affordable for each and every hard working person in the world.

These are a few links to see to yourselves: How to save money on airfare every time

Interview :  INT martin lumbye

So, be your own travel agent and learn how to save money while travelling.

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Enjoy your vacations, my friends!

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