The Inspiration Source?! We’re wondering, where it comes from.

For me, from the beauty in the world: whether it’ll be a beautiful scenery, or fine facial features of a person, a well-versed joke, or just a jesture.

Here is the presentation of my late photos of the sunsets near our house:

From sunsets to baking  a home-made Napoleon Tart – this is the way of inspiration.

Back in Russia, it was highly appreciated home-made food, in particular, the tarts. Napoleon was one of the favourite ones.

Although all Internet is full of cooking recipes, this one attracted my attenrion from the first sight: dough is the same, cream is the same. But, the way of cooling is different – on the frying pan, on the stove top. So simple. It reminds me of pancakes making. Only layers can be done in crumbs or in rollings. Between the layers is always cream, home-made, but not a whipping cream from the store. And don’t forget! Hands need to be highly cleaned, sanitized, and without manicure.

This is the video of my presentation of the home-made tart “Napoleon” :

The beautiful music inspires me too. And I hope that you’ll be inspired as well.

Listen to:


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