Gift publication of the book by A. Dementyev is done in such a way that even little kids are attracted to it. Look at this photo to the right and at once you appreciate this moment. The artistic build-up of this poetry book is accomplished by Vladimir Shcherbakov in 2016.

The life of the quite renown Russian poet Andrey Dmitryevich Dementyev (1928-2018) was not easy as nobody’s of his compatriots. But he lived, survived, was to loyal to his talent up to the end of his life. For those who does not like poetry at all, he was known for his lyrics for the songs such as: “Swan Fidelity”, Alyonushka”, “Parents’ House”, “Ballad about the Mother” and many, many others.

The best poem of his, to my taste, is ” Do not regret anything…”

Here is it: Andrey Dementyev himself recites in Russian:

And this is how they were translated into English:

“Don’t you ever regret those matters

That are happened and can’t be returned.

Scrunching up your sad mood as a letter

You get thread of your sad past is torn.

Don’t regret things that haven’t appeared

Or the ones that have happened and hurt

So that lake of your soul remains clear

With the hovering hopes like the birds.

Share your kindness and care even though

You’ve been given an ironic grim

Someone’s on top and the others are low.

Don’t you regret getting none of their sins.

Don’t you ever regret, don’t feel sorry –

“It’s too late to begin, it’s to early to go”.

Someone may flute as the god but don’t worry

‘Cause the rhythm he takes from your soul.

Don’t you ever feel sorry about

Neither lost days nor love burnt away.

Someone flutes as an angel, no doubt,

But as the god you listened to the play.”

15.03.2010. source:

Thanks a lot for a beautiful gift, my friends. Listen to the charming music:


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