granny3Welcome to the country of our childhood where everything seems real, dreams always come true and adventures are surrounding you.We are all born from childhood. As far as I remember myself I started composing rhymes at very early age when I was five, hardly reaching the height of a small desk. It was my Dad who first put a pen in my hand and gave me the first ABC lessons, organizing the writing pad in front of me, setting me onto the stool with two cushions above in such a way that my legs wee hanging down freely in the air.“Sit and write down a letter to your Grandma in Rostov-on-Don”, said he persistently. And I scribbled down: “I was writing in a hurry,
Scarcely falling off the chair,                                   granny312
Granny, do not much worry,
If my letter’s not so clear”.
Actually my Grandma did not worry, on the contrary, she got glad having received a clumsy funny letter of mine. In the future as time went by she encouraged me in writing poems in any possible ways.That’s how things went on in those sweet old days. Nowadays I am a Grandma myself and it is the book with the stories or my Grandson, one illustration is shown here from this book.

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