We started our festivities, decorations with outdoors lights, front door wreath and inside small Christmas trees early in December.

Some of my friends from Russia were asking “Why so early?”

I explained that it is not early, it is right on time as we tried to be in a Christmas spirit, do loving and beautiful, and stay this way as long as possible. 

The invitations from the friends are followed one weekend after another.

On this below collage of our photos is shown the present events of Christmas 2019.

Lubov Shulgina, 80 y.o., a friend of ours, has grown the hibiscus flower by this Christmas from a tiny twig, and it burst into blossom right on time. Look at it, isn’t it wonderful?!

Mrs. Lubov is a great gardener, she knows how to prune the plants, pear-plum-apple trees. She is very proud of her works, so we are.

Bravo, bravissimo, Mrs. Lubov! By the way, her name in Russian means “love”. And we all love you, dear Lubov.

At her home and her daughter’s Lyudmila’s home reigns always warmth, love and play.

This is our video from their home:

Our grandson John, Lubov and her family, their dog Jerry and Janko as Santa, always magnificent.

Merry Christmas 2019 and a happy New 2020 year to all our loved and close friends and those, who are far away !

Listen to:

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