Listen to the lovely Christmas song:“Jingle Bells from Super Simple Songs”

Christmas is the right time to give vent to our creativity and artistic capabilities and encourage kids to do something constructive that they can enjoy too.Christmas decos

Christmas crafts will also keep our children busy and make them aware of the stories related to the holiday season, which one can tell them while helping them to do crafts.

Making crafts also gives us an opportunity to spend quality time with our children.

Myself am sitting in a cosy crafts-room and wrapping the dolls in Christmas clothes. Those who like embroidery do it in a very simple way but manually, without using of the sewing machine.

On our mantel top (photo above) one can see such Christmas dolls and embroidered flowery patterns en-framed. Following  the Christmas spirit, we are giving them away as Christmas is love in action… Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.

An interesting story I can tell you about a very talented Czech artist Mucha:

“His interest in Art Forms.

Mucha was an accomplished chorister but his undeniable and innate talent was drawing. His family remarked how he had learned to draw before he could walk. A family recollection of Alphonse, as a baby, crawling on the floor with a pencil tied to a ribbon around his neck, to make sure he did not lose it. He was happiest when he was drawing. His first recollections of drawing from life was trying to capture the magic of the lighted candles on the family’s Christmas tree. Much later, he recalled that it was  the powerful play of shadows and light which made memorable for him. He used anything that came to hand: chalk and charcoal to sketch on any surface be it walls, floors and even furniture. He continued to enjoy this experimentation in art until he went to school. His grandmother had also encouraged interest in the history of art. The paintings would keep him rapt for hours…”

I am very positive, that in each and every person sits “a little Mucha” inside. To discover his or her talent-that is another not easy task. Christmas time is just the right time for that.Go ahead, my friends!

For inspiration listen to:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon (Video)

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